On Nov., 25, 1905, Bishop John Kropacs of the Cleveland Diocese approved the formation of a Catholic parish for the120 Youngstown families of Hungarian descent.  Father Joseph Folytan became the first Pastor of St. Stephen of Hungary parish on July 10, 1907.    
     To accommodate the large congregation, property was acquired for a new house of worship.  Construction began in March 1910.
     Father Kalman Kovacs of McKeesport, PA., blessed the cornerstone at the dedication in April an Msgr. Edward Mears, Pastor of St. Columba Parish, over saw the new church's dedication ceremonies on Oct. 30, 1910.
     St. Stephen's tenth Pastor, Franciscan Father Lawrence Biro, initiated the creation of many parish organizations.
     Father John Vasko became Pastor in 1946.  A five year fund-raising campaign for a new church began, at the end of which, Bishop John McFadden broke ground and placed the cornerstone on June 14, 1953.  The old church was torn down and a parish school was built there.
     Parishioners supported refugees from Hungary-those from World War II and those who fled Communist rule during the Hungarian Revolution of 1956 - both spiritually and monetarily, especially in their job and relocation searches.
     Father John Turk was appointed Pastor in 1960, followed by Father Dezso Torok in 1964.  In 1981, Father Bernard Bonnot became the first pastor since 1915 who was not of Hungarian descent.  Father Bonnot established the first parish council.
     Father Frank Lehnerd was named Pastor in 1987, Father Blaine Pierce in 1990 and Father John Trimbur in 1991.  At the time, Father Trimbur was also Pastor of Campbell St. John the Baptist Parish.  The two parishes participated in each other's spiritual and educational activities.
     St. Stephan of Hungary Parish planning for the celebration of its 90th anniversary, to be celebrated on its patron's feast day, Aug. 16, 1995.
     Father Melvin Rusnak was named Pastor in 1995.  The Parish collaborating partner changed from St. John the Baptist to SS. Cyril & Methodius Parish,  The kitchen, choir loft, air-conditioning and heating systems were updated.  Ambassadors for Christ was started as an ecumenical effort with five East Side churches.  The association began advocating the City for removal of abandoned tires in the neighborhood. Beautification of church property also took place.
     A Gift and Memorial Fund to honor deceased parishioners was started and the 150 Plus Club began as a Parish fundraiser.  A bi-weekly prayer group began and the Parish celebrated its 100 year anniversary.  A contemporary music group, Voices of New Hope, formed.
     Father Nicholas Mancini was appointed Pastor in 2004.  Ambassadors for Christ competed clean-up of a vacant lot across the street from the Parish with the City removing discarded tires.  Work on converting that area to a park began.
     Adult education classes were combined with SS. Cyril & Methodius and movie nights were instituted at St. Stephen.  After a fire destroyed the school building, the school was razed and a glassy area planted as a parish gathering space.  Painting, refurbishing and general maintenance of the church took place.
     The annual feast day celebration for St. Stephen of Hungary was continued with a solemn Mass in remembrance of those who died during the Hungarian Revolution.