Father Says:

What I deeply apprecite about Holy Apostles Parish is that by Faith we know that our parish is the Body of Christ - this Christ-Body is perfected by its unity with Bishop Murry, S.J. and the Diocese of Youngstown.  I deeply appreciate when we are together, each in our own way, rejoice in this Faith by caring for the grounds, attending meetings, fund raising, studying, praying and most of all seeking to form strong bonds of respect, friendship and love for each other.  Objects and buildings are merely things consecrated and made holy and sacred by our Love and Forgiveness for one another.  Thank you all for serving the Body of Christ.     Father Joseph (6.24.18)

What I deeply appreciate about Holy Apostles Parish is the rich source of love and support for the Church and our parish among our young adults.  Most are hemmed in by demands of employment, family and friendship commitments, some with concern for elderly parents and extended family and normal health and physical fitness for themselves and their family in a sit down-repetitive technological world.  My prayer is that they may never give up their desire and hope to participate more fully in the Church.  May they never stop hoping no matter how dark or complex things become for EVERYTHING.  Hidden in their dreams and hopes is their gift of faith in the Resurrection and the beauty of the City of God.    Fr. Joseph (6.3.18)

What I deeply appreciate about Holy Apostles Parish is the easy coordination, welcome and hospitality that arose in the Parish community when suddenly Saturday afternoon I found I was unable to have Sunday masses.  In just moments I found leaders for prayer from our liturgical ministers.  Quickly Parish members from each worship site extended support to the other site and the leaders who stepped forward found acceptance and kind hospitality.  As a "Father" I was touched deeply and so proud of each worship site.      Fr. Joseph (5.27.18)

What I deeply appreciate about Holy Apostles Parish is the work of the Holy Spirit in those who take time to meditate and reflect in order to root out fears about the future of their life, their family, our nation, our local community and our parish community.  God's Holy Spirit roots out all fear and instills a wonderful humor and courage upon each of us.  Our job is to relax, meditate and reflect that we more and more trust and accept God's love in our life.  Happy Pentecost Sunday!  Thank you for your faith.   Fr. Joseph (5.20.18)

What I deeply appreciate about Holy Apostles Parish are the beautiful gifts that many of our Ethnic families have in the women who are the matriarchs of the extended family.  This role is powerful becuase it is based on service and the gift of care-filled listening to the promptings of the Holy Spirit in each family member.  This Mother's Day I give thanks to all women and to God for those among us who care, listen, and discern God's work in the family and Parish.  Happy Mother;s Day!   Fr. Joseph (5.13.18)

What I deeply appeciate about Holy Apostles Parish is the rebirth at our worship sites as food kitchen volunteers, clubs, and prayer groups, bingo, ground crews and picnic planners are coming alive.  Do all that you can and let God provide for all our needs.  I deeply appreciate Bishop George's ministry especially his visits with the Ambassadors for Christ and his kindness in commissioning me to confirm at our parish.  Let us keep him in prayer during his hospitalization in Cleveland.  Fr. Joseph (5.6.18)

What I deeply appreciate about Holy Apostles Parish is the extended family and friends of parish members who cannot regularly attend Mass but "step up to the plate" supporting the parish in its service of the poor and in its needs for regular financing especially wth fund raisers and bingo.  A big "thank you" o those folks and the parish members who shine the light of the parish so clearly in their lives that fiks are willing to join us in our work. Alleluia!  Fr. Joseph (4.29.18)

What I deeply appreciate about Holy Apostles Parish are those who perservere with those tedious, habitual, repetitious minisstries of service to our parish, our extended families & friends, jobs and especially our ethnic organizations, when the work seems fruitless and unappreciated.  The love of God stays present to each of us, constant as the air we breath.  You are the breath of God building up the City of God - that is to say - the Risen Body of Christ in this world.  Thank you!  Alleluia!    Fr. joseph (4.22.18)

Our parish has joined with parishes throughout the Diocese of Youngstown in making a commitment to the 2018 Bishop's Appeal for Catholic Charities and Church.  It is Bishop Murry's fervent hope that evey parish will reach their goal.  We ask that you prayerfully make a gift to the Annual Appeal, by the envelope in your pew or the reponse card mailed to your home.  Thank you in advance for your reflection and generous response to the Bishop's Appeal.  To date 73 of our parishioners have xommitted $9,896 toward our parish goal of $21,641.  Can you help us reach our goal?  Envelopes are in the pews - make a commitment today if you can. Thank you. Fr. Joseph (4.15.18)

Thank you all!!  You may not realize how important your contribution was to the Great Easter Day, which continues for 40 days.  Thank you to all from the parish and from me personally.  Even those who attend once a year, and those homebound and are unable to be with us regularly, are treasured parts of the celebration building up to the risen Body of Christ by being with the parish at prayer.

The love of the decorating committees was expressed in a feast for the eyes and the nose longing for the fullness of Spring and God's reign.  The music at the Masses was a beautful gift to all of us!  Thank you.  Those who received the sacraments of initiation assusred us that God will allow each of us to bear fruit.  Thank you to our office staff (Mary Rose Purton in particular) and Linda Habuda who organized those receiving the sacraments!

From the bottom of the Pastor's full belly, I deeply appreciate the cheese pies, colored eggs, wonderful Easter breads and Paska, Kolachi - nut, apricot, cheese, & poppy sed - even with raisins (all were moist, flavorfull, each unique, beautiful and delicious), the cream puffs, delicious pumpkin squares, cream rolls, the ham, Easter soup, the farm fresh eggs, wne, and the baskets I got to se Holy Saturday and Easter Sunday and of course the pig's feet I got to sample.

I even found the Pastor's quirky love of hyacinths satisfied at both churches.  I hope you were blessed and that in some way the resurrection blessings continue to pour out upon you for the full 40 days of Easter!  Strengthen the Risen Body of Christ and give to the Bishop's Appeal.     Fr. Joseph (4.8.18)

Happy Easter! And thank you to those who have chosen to join our parish since last Easter, those entering and completing the sacraments of Initiation, Baptism, Communion and Confirmation and those extended families and individuals who have over the many months shared and sacrificed so much for the parish.  Our ethnic heritage and extended families call us to our ministry in Christ.  I appreciate our clubs, the prayer groups and those who pray for our parish at home, the parish members who prepare liturgies, cleaning the church each week and for special holy days, our servers, lectors, Eucharistic ministers, the musicians and, planners of special ceremonies.  Thank you Mary Rose Purton and others at the office who keep us organized.  The parish Council, Finance Committee and Parish Clubs who help keep our weekly and monthly contributors strong, Bingo, 300 Club and food sale committees which together keep us financially stable.  I appreciate those who contribute to the Bishops Appeal, those who look after the web page and Facebook, those who assist with hospital visitation, nursing home and homebound ministry through their extended families and out St. Ann Ministry, those who have helped with catechetic for youth and for Catechumens to be baptized and the candidates to receive Communion and Confirmation this Easter, the Choirs and the New Music Guild who strive to bring tradition and contemporary music to our lives as a parish.  I appreciate the wonderful people and families who represent us and speak highly of us especially through Neocatechumenate, the diocese, the Ambassadors for Christ, ACTION, the Community Kitchen and St. Vincent de Paul.  We are part of the body of Christ Risen from the dead joined to Bishop Murry, and the other parishioners of the diocese.  May we be a convincing sign of God's love for others.    Fr. Joseph (4.1.18)

What I deeply appreciate about Holy Apostles Parish are those in the parish who are gifted with the eyes of   Jesus to understand the pain in the world: of immigrants; of young families who have suffered deaths at Parkwood, Florida; of the injustice in wages that don't provide a living for families; of the threat that seems present as the environment changes; of the injustice when homes lose value; when a few are given an uneven burden for the benefit of others; of the loss of safe ground water to provide great wealth for a few; of poorly funded education; and many other crisies that present themselves.  The solutions are difficult and still to be found.  Nevertheless, the resolution of these difficulties begins with the sorrowful caring heart of Jesus present in our midst.  Thank you for caring and faithfully seeking just solutions.  Fr. Joseph (3.18.18)

What I deeply appreciate about Holy Apostles Parish is the wonderful spirit of the Ambassadors for Christ.  There is a peacefulness that comes from the Lord when we gather in prayer the Wednesday evenings of Lent.  Thank you to everyone in our Parish for the spirit of hospitality, prayer, respect and love that each of you in your own ways make possible through the work of the Ambassador's.  We are at Mt. Zion this coming Wednesday at 7PM and SS. Peter & Paul, the final Wednesday before Holy Week.            Fr. Joseph (3.9.18)

What I deeply appreciate about Holy Apostles Parish is the Christ-like devotion found in our extended families of the Parish.  I especially think of grandparents, cousins, aunts & uncles, fathers, mothers and guardians who are present and attentive to others in their simply daily routines without a bossiness that overpowers others.  A gentle God looks for gentle but effective people with authority that comes from a loving presence to others.  Thank you. Fr. Joseph (3.4.18)

What I deeply appreciate about Holy Apostles Parish is the small community of support and study that has developed among those attending Pre-sacramental preparation classes each Tuesday at 5:30PM.  We are coming closer to the great feast of Easter.  Michael Sverko is to be baptized and confirmed.  Katie Dignan is to be baptized and receive First Holy Communion.  Keith McMurry is to profess the Catholic faith and be confirmed.  Emma Rose Krusely, Rebecca Greenwalt and Savannah Dale are also to be confirmed.  Please keep those completing the Sacraments of Initiation in your prayers.         Fr. Joseph (2.25.18)

Blessings to Begin the Lenten Journey ~ As we look ahead to our Lenten journey, may our fasting be a hunger for justice, our alms an offering of peace, and our prayers a reflection of humble and grateful hearts.  We ask the Holy Spirit to accompany us as we spend these 40 days reflecting on what it means to be companions of the journey to encounter our global human family.  How may this encounter with our neighbor transform our own lives?  How may our prayers, fasting and almsgiving support those worldwide who are faced to flee their homes for safety or better opportunities?  We ask this through our Lord Jesus Christ, who lives and reigns with the Father and the Holy Spirit, one God forever and ever.  Amen.      Fr. Joseph(2.18.18)

What I deeply appreciate about Holy Apostles Parish is the work of the volunteers at the Mardi Gras last week.  This is a real gift of service to the Parish.  The sirit of love that each of us bring from our own families and our catholic heritage.  With humor...we may not be in New Orleans exactly, we just have the best party!     Fr. Joseph (2.11.18)

What I deeply appreciate about Holy Apostles Parish is the newer members of Holy Apostles Parish who in their love for Jesus, are taking new roots in our parish family.  One root goes to Matthew 25 and our concern for the poor.  Another root taps the Holy Spirit's call to serve in the context of ethnic communities.  The third root establishes friendships with families and individuals that will last a lifetime.  This work allows HAP to be something unique and special for the Mahoning Valley and the Youngstown Diocese.  Thank you.  Fr. Joseph (2.3.18)

What I really appreciate about Holy Apostles Parish is the gift of meekness I see so often among the members of the Parish.  We have all changed and moved with the needs of the economy of the Mahoning Valley and the shrinking Youngstown Diocese.  So often people turn away from judgements about others and remain joyful as they form new patterns of ministry and friendship at our churches.  In a beautiful way they give up their preferred place.  Jesus tells us: they will inherit the earth.  Be happy...be blessed.    Fr. Joseph (1.26.18)

A word from Francis Bishop of Rome:  "Contemplate His Suffering ~ Only by contemplating the human suffering of Jesus can we become as meek, humble, and tender as He was.  There is no other way.  We need to truly study Jesus, we need to consider His passion and His suffering, we need to think about His meek silence.  If we make this effort,He will take care of the rest.  If anything is lacking He will provide it. But you have to do this.  Hide yourself, clothe yourself in God with Christ.  How do we bear witness? Contemplate Jesus.  How do we forgive? Contemplate how Jesus suffered.  How do we make sure not to hate our fellow man? Contemplate how Jesus suffered. "  Fr. Joseph (1.19.18)

I deeply appreciate the oldest members of our parish family, who Mark and Betsy Byce helped me to visit recently.  Also I am thankful for the newest families that have recently joined our parish.  My hope is that we will grow in our knowledge and love for one another.  If you could help us all by interviewing parish members for our webpage and facebook accounts please call the office and leave me word with Mary Rose.  Thank you all!  Stay warm.   Fr. Joseph (1.18.18)

I would like to again thank everyone for their generosity towards me this past holiday.  I haven't gone through all my cards yet - a few everyday!  Please don't take this cold weather lightly, bundle up and check on relatives and friends who don't get out or drive.  May God bless you and yours in this new year.    Fr. Joseph (1.7.18)

I greatly appreciate & thank those who were concerned about me during the holidays, opening their hearts & homes for me to join them.  Also thank you for the gifts, cards & holiday treats!  Polish tradition extends the Christmas season until Candlamass Feb. 2.  Whether Mardi Gras or Christmas, there's always reasons for hospitality & love.  Happy New Year!   Fr. Joseph (12.31.17)